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About Us was established by 3 guys who all suffered from the same problem - Broken Gimbals or camera's on our Phantom's.
The problem got even bigger when we bought the new Vision+ camera & Gimbal and realized this could happen again if I don't do something about it and that's how we came up with our "Gimbal Guard".

Since than we keep looking for ways, idea's and new products to help you maximize your UAV - we mostly invent our own products but sometimes we get great idea's from customers and other drones enthusiasts.

We make all of our products in our small factory and ship to anywhere that we can on the globe.

All of us are drones owners and therefore test our products many times on our drones to make sure they do the job and they do :-)

Hope you like our products and can't wait to receive new idea's from you!

Fly safe!

Gimbal-Guard team



Installation Guide
Easy hand catch
Gimbal-guard in a CRASH
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