23cm/2mm - Extended Gimbal-Guard - KIT (23cm)

23cm/2mm - Extended Gimbal-Guard - KIT (23cm)

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This Item is a KIT
Complete EXTENDED Gimbal Guard-KIT
for DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ (plus) -Protects Gimbal & Camera.

1. Protects your Gimbal, Ribbon cable & Camera - (will reduce tremendously or even prevent damage to your gear)
2. Easier & Safer Takeoff and landing (sand, snow, grass, trees, fence)
3. Uses also as a handle to carry around
4. Easy to catch with one hand only (avoid landing over dirt and catch it safely)
5. Provides you a great surface for mounting any extra's (batteries, flashlight, camera's, ext' GPS)
6. Clear camera view - You will not see the gimbal guard in frame
7. Extra light! - Only 36gr
8. Maximum Strength! - 100% (3K, 2mm) Carbon -fiber. Not plastic! Not Printed!
9. Free shipping worldwide (with a tracking number to most countries)

Phondom IDRD Gimbal-Guard - For DJI P2V+ Only!
* No screws / adhesive needed!
* No real Installation is required
* Will not void your DJI warranty for opening the back cover of the camera
* Will not interfere with the stock plastic gimbal clamp - you can still put that clamp like always (if it doesn't please contact us!)
* 4 sec' for to clip on
* Only 4.5gr!
* The Best solution to protect you ribbon cable and gimbal and at the lowest price!

* Remove before flight Key chain (Phantom or Inspire1 - depending on stock)

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