360 Degree 6 Camera GoPro HERO rig (V2)

360 Degree 6 Camera GoPro HERO rig (V2)

360 Degree 6 Camera GoPro VR rig 
UPC: 755897464359

This is an amazing tool that will enable you to create incredible 360 degree video's.

you must have 6 gopro camera's of the same model (hero 3 or 4) in order to use this rig!
this rig is made out of tpu material which is extremely strong and flexible so it provides the best performance
for using on a multi-rotor. the flexibility of the material helps reducing the shakes and bumps while flying / driving / jumping and due to the strength of this material, this whole rig & camera's are very secured and light weight.

weight: 120gr

Material: TPU, 3d printed

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  • Details

    * Fits 6 GoPro camera's (Hero 3/4)

    * Provides FULL 360 degree coverage

    * Extremely durable

    * No screws required!

    * Lightweight

    Package includes:
    * 1TPU 360 gopro rig with 4 different built-in tripod connectors

    * 6 lens covers
    * 1/4Inch coupling nut

    * 1/4Inch Triod screw

    * 1/4Inch Eye bolt

    * 5M tripod screw & wing nut
    * Microfiber lens cleaning cloth

    Note: camera's / filters / pole - are not included!