360 Degree 6 Camera GoPro rig for Inspire-1&Ground

360 Degree 6 Camera GoPro rig for Inspire-1&Ground

360 Degree 6 Camera GoPro rig for DJI INSPIRE-1
UPC: 755897464342

This is an amazing tool that will enable you to create incredible 360 degree video's.

you must have 6 gopro camera's of the same model (hero 3 or 4) in order to use this rig!
this rig is made out of tpu material which is extremely strong and flexible so it provides the best performance
for using on a multirotor. the flexability of the material helps reducing the shakes and bumps while flying and due to the strenght of this material, this whole rig & camera's are very secured and light weight.

*Please note - you will have to remove the inspire's gimbal&camera unit in order to mount this rig unless you mount it on the back of the inspire using a Different connector which is NOT included in this listing because we had much better results mounting it at the center of gravity and not at the back. the inspire will perform better and longer.

Very Important!!
When taking off or landing you MUST find a solution for not hitting the rig & camera's on the ground.
the best way I found for that is using the "hand catch helper" and have someone with you to hand catch your inspire.
you can also take off from 2 higher surfaces and have the rig in the middle but it could be hard to land! so be careful.

weight: 120gr

Material: TPU, 3d printed

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  • Details

    Package Include:

    1x GoPro Connector TPU Belt
    1x TPU housing for 5 camera
    1x TPU cover with 6th camera housing
    1x TPU 6th camera belt
    5x 3M Screws & Nuts
    1x TPU gopro connector
    1x TPU Screw connector
    6x GoPro lens caps

    Note: quadcopter / gopro rig / camera's / helmet- are not included!