38cm OR 19mm C.F pole with TPU GoPro Connectors

Carbon fiber pole with TPU GoPro or Tripod Connectors

UPC: 755897464601

This is a 3k pure carbon fiber tube (14mm Dia',12mm Dia' or 10mm Dia') with TPU GoPro connectors.

it was originally designed for holding an extra camera or "360 degree 6 camera's gopro rig" on a UAV!! (hanged)

The TPU material is a little soft & flexible but very strong so it is NOT recommended to use this pole as a "stand pole" but as a hanged pole.

the Standard option is the extension pole (Type "A") which has one end with gopro 2pins connector and the other end has 3pins gopro connector.

If you need different ends OR NARROWER TUBE you can select it from the option menu.

A-2pins-TO-3pins (Standard, 14mm DI',38cm long) - $40
B-3pins-TO-3pins (14mm DI',38cm long) - $40
C-2pins-TO-2pins (14mm DI',38cm long) - $40
D-2pins-TO-1/4 INCH TRIPOD MOUNT (14mm DI',36cm long) - $40
E-3pins-TO-1/4 INCH TRIPOD MOUNT (14mm DI',36cm long) - $40
F-2pins-TO-1/4 INCH TRIPOD MOUNT (14mm DI',22cm long) - $35
G-3pins-TO-1/4 INCH TRIPOD MOUNT (14mm DI',22cm long) - $35

A2-NARROW - 2pins-TO-3pins (Standard, 12mm DI',38cm long) - $35
B2-NARROW - 3pins-TO-3pins (Standard, 12mm DI',38cm long) - $35
C2-NARROW - 2pins-TO-2pins (Standard, 12mm DI',38cm long) - $35

Material: 3k Carbon-Fiber, TPU, 3d printed
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  • Details

    * Extremely durable
    * Lightweight

    Note: camera's / GoPro rig ARE NOT INCLUDED!!