4-IN-1 Tablet holder adaptor & tripod connector for dji mavic


DJI Mavic Tablet holder adaptor with:
SDcard holder
Tripod connector
Neck strap hook

This holder DOES NOT include the stock tablet holder that you see in the video but only the 3d printed parts and screws!!
you will have to either purchase it separately or use your old one if you have any.

here's where you can buy the DJI tablet holder:

Package includes:
1x 3d Printed dji mavic tablet holder adaptor
2x 3d Printed centre pieces w/5x screws and nuts
1x 1/4" nut

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    Please note that 3D printed parts and NOT molded parts. Therefore the finish will be layered and not smooth with minor imperfections such as some bumps and thin stringing that occurs in any FDM printed process