Drop & Delivery device for DJI Inspire 2

Drop & Delivery device for DJI Inspire 2


Drop & Delivery device for DJI Inspire 2

This is a heavy duty payload release mechanism designed specially for the DJI inspire 2.
It works exactly the same as our original drop device for the P3 and allows you to drop anything you want from your drone and at any range!

The device can easily hold about 2kg, BUT the inspire can safely carry only about 1-1.5kg to keep it safe and stable during flight. you can probably lift more than that but it's not recommended.

You can use this device to cast a life vest far away in the sea or for drone fishing.

* To control it, set you C1 or C2 button
to show advanced camera settings. In the settings choose to turn on or off you front LED lights to close or open the servo.

* No need to open the shell!
* No soldering!
* Self powered & Rechargeable
* Great for bait casting too!


How To Install:

Simple slide the device at the bottom of the drone's body from back to front until it clickes to its place by the to arms.clip on the led cover over the Front LED light on the arm of your inspire 2 and than clip on all the wire clips and you're done!To Remove it - gently push outwards the two arms that are holding the device do the bottom of the drone's body and slide it backwards until it goes out. -Remove the led cover and wire by simply pushing it all out carefully.


In the package:

1x Drop and delivery device for DJI inspire 2
1x Rechargeable 3.7v battery
1x USB charger

*** Drone is NOT INCLUDED ***

* Total unit weight: 150gr' only

* Charging time: 20-30 min'
* Full battery can last for over 100 drops and can also be replaced with another battery!
* Maximum recommended payload weight: 1-1.5kg



When recording video - Make sure you change the camera settings to NOT DISABLE the Fron LED lights automatically.

**** Please note that 3D printed parts and NOT moulded parts. Therefore the finish will be layered and not smooth with minor imperfections such as some bumps and thin stringing that occurs in any FDM printed