Front GoPro / Samsung360 / FLIR Connector TPU Belt

Front GoPro / Samsung360 / FLIR Connector TPU Belt

This TPU beltwas specially designed for the Inspire-1. it's made out of very very strong and flexible material and it's located on the inspire's chassis between the vps and the gimbal bracket connector.
it doesn't block the sensors nor the gimbal's bracket so you can leave it there even when you're not using it to hold something.

originally it was designed to carry the 6 camera gopro rig in the inspire's center of gravity like in the pictures above, but you can use it for many other things that you want to attach.

*Please note - you will have to remove the inspire's gimbal&camera unit in order to mount anything to this connector.

Package Include:

1x GoPro / FLIR Connector TPU Belt
1x 3M screrw & nut

Note: quadcopter / gopro rig / camera's - are not included!
weight: 19gr

to install - spread open the belt and place it where it suppose to be and tighten the 3m screw untill you feel that is secured.

Material: TPU, 3d printed