MANUAL Payload Dropping maze for DJI Phantom

MANUAL Payload Dropping maze for DJI Phantom

MANUAL Payload Dropping maze for DJI Phantom 3 or 4

This item is a Payload dropping "maze" for carrying & dropping any reasonable & LEGAL payloads.

It comes with a large paper clip, 3d printed hood/maze, 100% carbon fiber rear gimbal guard and for the P4 version there 2 flex & strong tpu connectors.

To Release the payload - hover above your target and fly your drone quickly sideways!
every time you go left or right the paper clip with the payload will fall 1 step downwards until release is complete.

Please note -
* DO NOT carry any payload without using the zip ties!
* When flying with payload - keep flying directly to your target.
* On a windy day, when you want to make a drop, make sure your payload is not swinging side ways from by the wind.
if it does, turn your phantom 45 degrees so it will swing back and forth instead of sideways.

* Great for bait casting too!


#1 - For PHANTOM-3
#1 - For PHANTOM-4

Phantom, bottom gimbal guard plate, life vest - ARE NOT INCLUDED

In the package:
1x Main unit, 3d printed ABS / PLA
1x REAR Gimbal guard - 100% carbon fiber, 3k, 2mm
5x Large paper clips
2x Zip tie's
2x (for P4 version only!) TPU Flex & strong tpu connectors
Colour of printed parts
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    ** Please note that 3D printed parts and NOT moulded parts. Therefore the finish will be layered and not smooth with minor imperfections such as some bumps and thin stringing that occurs in any FDM printed process