Rear Gimbal guard for DJI Phantom 4

Rear Gimbal guard for DJI Phantom 4

This is a 100% 3k, carbon fiber rear gimbal guard with 2 flext & strong tpu connectors to protect from scratches and provide a perfect fit and maximum grip so it won't slide up or down on a crash.
it was designed to protect / reduce damage to your camera & gimbal unit on a crash or a hit.
we designed it to NOT FIT without using the zip ties because it's suppose to protect your gear on a crash and any "clip-on" will slide when hit.


this listing is only for rear gimbal guard but you can add a bottom aerodynamic p4 gimbal guard in the options below.

#1 - Rear gimbal guard set (with tpu connectors, key chain, button raisers)

#2 - Rear gimbal guard set + Bottom aerodynamic gimbal guard(with small legs extenders)
3d printed connectors Color