Side adaptor for DJI Phantom 2,3 or 4

Side adaptor for DJI Phantom 2 or 3

Parts that can be attached to it:
TK-102 tracker holder
RF-V16 tracker holder
DVR Recorder holder
More parts will update soon...

GPS / Phantom are NOT INCLUDED!!

Open the 2 screws of the landing skids (on the side that you want to mount it on, it can be mounted on both sides of the phantom) > Place the holder in place and close the screws back in > then use just a little force to shove in the tracker.

To take out the tracker from its cradle, just push it upwards with one hand and forward with the other.

You can still charge your GPS while it's in the cradle, no need to remove, but can

Material: PLA Plastic, 3d printed
For which Phantom?
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    Package Include:

    1x 3d printed Side adaptor for DJI Phantom 2,3 or 4
    Material: PLA Plastic

    The GPS Tracker or HOUSING are NOT included!!!