The mantis claw KIT

The mantis claw KIT

This beautiful mantis claw was designed by Ben Kardoosh and it's an amazing tool that comes as a kit and you can use with your drone for catching things. 
All you have to do is to "drop" it on the item that you want to grab and pull it back up.
gravity will force the claw to open and when you pull up the claw will tighten and hold the object.
this does not work on any object but will catch probably more than you imagine. the maximum size of object that this claw can hold is about the size of a phantom as shown on video, but if the object has complex surface and not flat or wide so you can grab much bigger objects.

There are 37pcs to assemble. you can watch the original video of the designer and follow the steps.

we included nylock nuts for easier installation so you don't need to use glue like in the video except for 5 nuts that don't have enough room for nylock nuts.

This listing has several options for your convenient:

Option#1 - 3D Printed KIT

Option#2 - 100% carbon-fiber 3mm, gloss, 3K - KIT
****PLEASE READ******
If you choose Option#2 we will ship your package with registered mail only AFTER PRODUCTION which takes 1-2 weeks.

** Please note that 3D printed parts and NOT moulded parts. Therefore the finish will be layered and not smooth with minor imperfections such as some bumps and