Upper TK-102 Holder & Gimbal guard SET

Upper TK-102 Holder & Gimbal guard SET

Package include:

1x 100% carbon-fiber tube
2x Strong & Flex TPU connectors (unbreakable)
4x Zip tie's
1x Tk102 / holder with 2 p4 screw anchors
1x "Remove before flight / I love my DJI Phantom" key chain
1x Camera cleaning cloth
2x Button raisers
4x Landing skids raisers

1x White or black TPU cover for the center of the carbon fiber tube
  • Details

    ** Please note that 3D printed parts and NOT moulded parts. Therefore the finish will be layered and not smooth with minor imperfections such as some bumps and thin stringing that occurs in any FDM printed process