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Why Carbon fiber?


  • Lightest material

  • Strongest material

  • Stiffest material

  • Best shock absorption

  • Infinitely mouldable to any design

  • Flexible where it needs to be

  • Won’t rust or corrode like steel



What is the best type of carbon? 1k,2k,3k, or 12k?


Well, I am about to explode a myth. 

The "k" refers to the weave of the fiber and is usually only on the surface for cosmetics. In order to provide some precision when laying up a frame all inner layers are typically UD, or unidirectional. There is no strength or stiffness difference between the weaves REGARDLESS of the propaganda issued by various companies. How do I know? I design this stuff for a living. 

If it really made a difference then jets and race cars would also use woven material and it would be used on multiple layers but they don't and it isn't. 


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